Violence and hate at Pride events

12. September 2023

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Schild mit der Aufschrift "You are not alone" bei der CSD-Demo 2023

We are worried! Once again we have to read about anti-queer violence in the media. This time, participants of Halle Pride have been attacked and in some cases seriously injured. Once again we are shocked and once again we ask ourselves why we are hated for the way we live and love?

Queer hostility is a growing problem in Germany. More and more often we hear that people don’t dare to go to CSD and Pride events because they are afraid of being insulted, beaten or kicked, simply because they are who they are, because they love who they love. This must not be allowed! Queer hostility must be taken seriously.

We at Leipzig Pride are committed to ensuring that everyone can move freely and safely in Leipzig and elsewhere. No one should have to fear physical, psychological, verbal, state and/or social violence!

We therefore once again call on politicians to recognise the problem of queer-hostile violence as such and to combat it!

We wish those affected in Halle and other places where queer-hostile attacks have recently occurred at Pride events a speedy recovery. You are not alone!

Photo: Eulenherz Artwork


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