Conditions of participation for stands

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Conditions of participation for stands at the Leipzig Pride 2024 street festival

I. General information

Christopher Street Day (CSD) Leipzig or Leipzig Pride is a series of cultural and political events that is organised, planned and carried out through the voluntary commitment of associations, projects, initiatives, parties, private individuals and artists. Leipzig Pride is organised by CSD Leipzig e.V.

The aim of Leipzig Pride is to reduce prejudice and discrimination against queer people and to promote acceptance of different lifestyles.

As part of Leipzig Pride, a political street festival with a stage programme will take place on Leipzig’s Augustusplatz on 17 August 2024. The street festival is a joint event organised by CSD Leipzig e.V. and the City of Leipzig.

Participation in the street festival with a stand is governed by the following conditions of participation of CSD Leipzig e.V.

II. Application requirements and procedure

  1. An application is required to participate in the street festival with a stand. CSD Leipzig e.V. provides an application form on its website, which must be used for registration. Applications by other means will not be considered.
  2. The application must be submitted by 30 June 2024.
  3. Associations, projects, initiatives, groups, individuals etc. from the queer community or those who support them with clear and recognisable messages (e.g. parties and trade unions and their umbrella organisations, companies, authorities and institutions, private individuals, groups of private individuals and groups that serve to reduce internal discrimination) are eligible to apply.
  4. The stands must be related to CSD Leipzig and in particular support the political demands and be in line with the declaration of incompatibility.
  5. There is no entitlement to participate in the street festival with a stand. Legal recourse is excluded.
  6. Only one application and one stand per group as specified in paragraph (3) is permitted. Applications from party sub-groups (e.g. LGBTI* working groups) or independent party-affiliated youth organisations count as an application for the entire party and therefore exclude applications from other sub-groups of the same party. In this case, the stand may be shared. The organiser must be notified of this.
  7. The application must state the intended dimensions – width and depth – of the stand.

    The stand width is the front side of the stand accessible to visitors to the street festival. The stand width must be at least three metres.

    The stand depth may not exceed four metres. In justified individual cases, the stand depth may exceptionally exceed four metres upon application. Such a case exists in particular if a greater stand depth offers an additional benefit for the event (e.g. additional promotion) or if the concept of the stand makes it absolutely necessary to exceed this limit. There is no entitlement to the granting of an exception.

  8. The following additional optional and possibly chargeable (see fees) services in connection with the stand can be applied for with the application:
    • a beer tent set (1 table with 2 benches)
    • purchase of electricity
  9. After submitting the application via the online form, receipt will be confirmed by automated e-mail.

    Confirmation of receipt of the application does not constitute approval of the participation application. This will be sent separately by e-mail.

  10. The share of sales stands in the total number of all stands should not exceed ten per cent. The sales offer must be compatible with the character of the event. The CSD Leipzig e.V. pays attention to a variety of offers.

    If more stalls are registered than can be authorised in terms of percentage, the selection will be made taking into account the type of sales on offer and the date of the application,

    Operators of sales stands will therefore only receive feedback on the approval or rejection of their application for participation after the application deadline.

III. Rejection & exclusion

  1. CSD Leipzig e.V. may reject the application for participation at any time.

  2. CSD Leipzig e.V. may exclude already authorised stands from the street festival for good cause.

    Good cause exists in particular if the stand operators do not comply with the present conditions or if reasons arise according to which the planned participation contradicts the requirements of CSD Leipzig or is not compatible with the declaration of incompatibility of CSD Leipzig or if there is reason to assume that the smooth running or the safety of the participants of the street festival is jeopardised.

    Stand operators will be informed of the exclusion immediately.

  3. In order to ensure and protect the CSD as a non-discriminatory space, only events organised by parties whose parliamentary/programme work does not run counter to this can be permitted. The participation of right-wing extremist, nationalist and/or anti-democratic parties, as well as parties that tolerate people with right-wing extremist, nationalist and/or anti-democratic views in their leadership levels, is excluded from the programme week.

  4. In the event of exclusion, CSD Leipzig e.V. will not reimburse any expenses incurred by stand operators in anticipation of stand participation.

IV. Fees and deposits

  1. Participation in the CSD Leipzig street festival with a stand is generally subject to a fee. Fees are charged by CSD Leipzig e.V.. The fee is made up of a lump sum per running metre of stand width and costs for additional services. The amount of the fee depends on the stand operator and the type of stand. For certain types of stands or stand operators, fees are only charged from a certain stand width. The following price list applies:

    Stand fees

    (Prices per running metre plus VAT)

    Group 0

    Private individuals and groups of persons without a legal form as well as youth and self-help groups affiliated with associations

    up to 3 metres free of charge
    from then 10 Euros

    Group 1

    non-profit associations and organisations
    with proof of non-profit status

    up to 3 metres free of charge
    from then 20 Euros

    Group 2

    Political parties, trade unions, associations, legal entities under public law as well as clubs and organisations without proof of non-profit status (excluding companies)

    50 Euros

    Group 3

    Sales stands with trade licence (without catering)

    100 Euro

    Group 4

    Diversity groups from companies, catering

    Customised on request

    Other costs

    (Prices plus VAT)

    Deposit stand

    Group 0: free of charge
    Groups 1 to 3: 50 Euros (no VAT)

    Use of beer tent set

    15 Euros

    plus deposit: 50 Euros (no VAT)

    Use of electricity

    Groups 0 and 1: 20 Euros
    Groups 2 and 3: 50 Euros

  2. The affiliation to one of the groups mentioned in paragraph (1) must be stated with the application and will be checked by CSD Leipzig e.V..

    CSD Leipzig e.V. is authorised to make a different classification if the information provided in the application is incorrect.

  3. Stand operators in Group 1 must send proof of non-profit status (notice of exemption from the responsible tax office) with their registration.
  4. Stand operators in Group 3 must send a corresponding trade licence (e.g. business registration or extract from the commercial register) with their registration.
  5. Stand operators in Group 4 will receive a customised offer on request, taking into account all the aforementioned fees. Companies should send an e-mail to Catering representatives should contact
  6. Payment of fees and deposits will be made after invoicing by CSD Leipzig e.V. The invoice will be sent electronically before the event and must be paid before the event takes place.

    If the fees and deposits due are not paid by the date specified in the respective invoice, this shall be deemed to be a cancellation of the application for participation.

  7. Deposits shall be refunded no later than one month after the end of the event, unless CSD Leipzig e.V. is authorised to retain them.

    The deposit for the stand space may be withheld if the stand space is not left properly (dirty, damaged or littered) by the stand operator after dismantling the stand and CSD Leipzig e.V. incurs or is threatened with costs for the removal or repair for which the stand operator is liable to pay compensation to CSD Leipzig e.V.. In this case, the deposit may be retained until it has been established that no claim for damages exists. After this determination, the deposit must be paid out immediately. Otherwise the deposit may be offset.

    The deposit for the beer tent set may be withheld if the beer tent set provided for use is not returned or not returned properly (dirty or damaged) by the stand operator and CSD Leipzig e.V. incurs or is threatened with costs for the repair or replacement for which the stand operator is liable to pay compensation to CSD Leipzig e.V.. In this case, the deposit may be withheld until it has been established that no claim for damages exists. After this determination, the deposit must be paid out immediately. Otherwise the deposit may be offset.

V. Procedure on the day of the event

1. Assembly and dismantling, positioning of the stands

  1. Once all applications have been received and processed, CSD Leipzig e.V. will draw up a stand plan showing the location of all stands.

    Each stand will be assigned a number in advance and the stand operators will be informed.

    The stand plan will be sent to all stand operators in advance of the event. Together with the stand plan, the stand operators may receive further information and instructions on the procedure on site, e.g. on the handover of ordered beer tent sets or on driving onto the site with motor vehicles for the purpose of set-up and dismantling. These must be strictly adhered to.

  2. CSD Leipzig e.V. will appoint a contact person for the stand operators for the entire duration of the street festival and provide their contact details together with the stand plan and further information.
  3. Stand assembly is only possible from 09.00 am on the allocated stand space and should be completed by 10.30 am.

    The stand location can be found on the stand plan and will be marked on site on the floor in the registered dimensions and labelled with the stand number.

    If possible, tents or pavilions should only be open or accessible to visitors on one side. This side is marked with arrows on the stand plan. For safety reasons, all other sides and in particular the rear side must be closed in a suitable manner.

  4. Unless otherwise agreed or if they are an integral part of the stand (e.g. food trucks), vehicles are only permitted for setting up and dismantling the stands on the square. In doing so, consideration must be given to visitors present and the other stands.

    Vehicles for set-up must be removed from the square by 10.30 am at the latest. Driving on the square is no longer permitted from this time onwards.

    Driving onto the site for dismantling is only permitted once the event has ended.

    It may not be possible to guarantee free access to the stand area at all times.

  5. All stand operators are required to show consideration for each other during set-up and dismantling and to coordinate with each other on site if necessary and to keep neighbouring stand areas free.
  6. Before the start of the event, each stand will receive a sign with the stand number, which must be clearly visible on the outside of the stand for the entire duration of the event.
  7. The stand should not be dismantled before 7.00 pm.

2. Equipment, infrastructure, hygiene measures

  1. The delivery and return of ordered beer tent sets shall take place at a central location designated in advance by CSD Leipzig e.V.. The receipt and return of the sets will be confirmed by the signature of the stand operator or an authorised person.

    If necessary, the sets must be roughly cleaned before being returned.

  2. Ordered power connections are provided via site power distribution cabinets located on the site. The nearest distribution cabinet can be found on the stand plan. Extension cables or cable drums with a length of at least 20 metres are to be provided by the stand operators themselves.

    The distribution cabinets on the site are locked for safety reasons. The CSD Leipzig e.V. contact person must be contacted to connect the stand.

    Power cables must be laid inside and outside the stand in such a way that there is no risk of tripping. Existing cable bridges for crossing footpaths must be used.

  3. Each stand operator is responsible for the disposal of any rubbish produced at the stand. Waste bins will be provided on the site for this purpose, the locations of which can be found on the stand plan.
  4. Drinking water will be provided free of charge for all stand operators and visitors via at least one standpipe on the square. The location can be found on the stand plan. Suitable transport containers (bottles, canisters, etc.) must be brought along.
  5. Any infection protection measures in force at the time of the event must be complied with. If CSD Leipzig e.V. specifies a hygiene concept, this must also be complied with.

IV. Presentation and advertising

  1. The design of the stand must be related to the event.
  2. In particular, the design must not contain any racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, inter-hostility, nationalist, anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, anti-emancipatory ideologies, hostility towards people with disabilities and/or other forms of group-related misanthropy in words and/or images.

    The Leipzig Pride advertising guideline apply.

    This also applies to the clothing of the stand organisers and to the advertising material to be distributed.

  3. Commercial advertising by third parties at the stand is prohibited.
  4. The sale of goods, the serving of beverages or other commercial activities must be indicated at the time of registration and is prohibited without the express authorisation of CSD Leipzig e.V.
  5. Any form of sound, whether musical or linguistic, is prohibited.

IV. Cancellation

If the street party is not approved by the assembly authorities or other public authorities or has to be cancelled for other reasons, in particular for pandemic reasons or due to force majeure, the liability of CSD Leipzig e.V. is excluded.

Status: 08 April 2024