Conditions of participation for stands

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Conditions of participation for stands at the Leipzig Pride 2024 street festival

I. General information

Christopher Street Day Leipzig (Leipzig Pride) is a series of cultural and political events that is organised, planned and carried out through the voluntary commitment of associations, projects, initiatives, parties, private individuals and artists. Leipzig Pride is organised by CSD Leipzig e.V.

Leipzig Pride aims to break down prejudice and discrimination against queer people and promote acceptance of different lifestyles.

As part of the week of events, CSD Leipzig e.V. is organising a political street festival with a stage programme on Leipzig’s Augustusplatz on 17 August 2024 in cooperation with the City of Leipzig.

II. Registration

1. Procedure / expense allowance

  1. An application is required to participate in the Pride street festival with a stand.

    For this purpose, CSD Leipzig e.V. (organiser) provides an application form on its website, which must be used for registration.

  2. The application must be submitted by 19 July 2024.
  3. Associations, projects, initiatives, groups, etc., of the queer community or those that support them with clear and recognisable messages (e.g. parties, trade unions, companies/groups, authorities, private individuals, groups of private individuals, groups that serve to reduce internal discrimination) may participate.

    The stands must be related to the Pride street festival and support the aims and demands of the organiser and its declaration of incompatibility.

  4. There is no legal claim to participation.
  5. Only one registration and one stand per grouping referred to in paragraph (3) is permitted. Registrations from party sub-groups (e.g. LGBTIQ* working groups) or independent party-affiliated youth organisations count as a registration for the entire party and therefore exclude registrations from other sub-groups of the same party. In this case, the stand may be shared. The organiser must be notified of this.
  6. The organiser will only confirm the registration by e-mail.
  7. Once all applications have been received and processed, the organiser will draw up a stand plan, which will be sent to all stand operators. The stand may only be set up at the location specified by the organiser.
  8. Participation is free of charge for all non-commercial stands with the exception of institutions and public corporations. A voluntary donation is requested.

    The expense allowance for commercial stands as well as for organisations and corporations under public law will be communicated on request.

2. Rejection & exclusion

  1. The organiser may reject the application for participation at any time.
  2. The organiser may exclude registered participants from the CSD street festival at any time. This can be done in particular if the participants do not adhere to these conditions or if reasons arise according to which the planned participation does not correspond to the purpose and/or character of the event or is not compatible with the mission statement and/or the declaration of incompatibility of CSD Leipzig. In order to ensure and protect the CSD as a non-discriminatory space, only stands of parties whose parliamentary/programmatic work does not run counter to this can be permitted. The participation of right-wing extremist, ethno-nationalist and/or anti-democratic parties, as well as parties that tolerate persons with right-wing extremist, ethno-nationalist and/or anti-democratic views in their leadership levels, is excluded.
  3. In the event of exclusion, the expenses incurred by the rejected participant in anticipation of participation will not be reimbursed by the organiser.

III. Conditions of participation

1. Advertising/presentation

  1. The design of the stand must be related to the event and must not have a commercial character.
  2. In particular, the design must not contain any racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, homophobia, trans- and inter-hostility, nationalistic, anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, anti-emancipatory ideologies, hostility towards people with disabilities and/or other forms of group-related misanthropy in words and/or images. The Leipzig Pride advertising guidelines apply.
  3. This also applies to the clothing of the stand organisers and to the advertising material to be distributed.
  4. Commercial advertising by third parties at the stand is prohibited.

    The sale of goods, the serving of drinks or other commercial activities (commercial stand) is prohibited without the express consent of the organiser.
  5. Any form of sound, whether musical or linguistic, is prohibited.

2. Procedure on the day of the event

  1. The street festival will take place from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm. The rally will take place from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, followed by the demonstration at 1:00 pm. The stage programme will start after the end of the Pride demonstration at around 4:00 pm and is expected to end at 8:00 pm. The square will be filled with music beforehand. There will also be sound checks by the artists.

    Catering will be provided by various catering stands. Seating will be available on the square.
  2. The stand can be set up from 09:00 am on the area allocated by the organiser.
  3. Dismantling cannot take place before 7:00 pm.
  4. Each stand will be provided with a beer tent set (1 table + 2 benches) free of charge by the organiser on request. After dismantling, these must be roughly cleaned (if necessary) and deposited in a place to be determined when the set is handed over.

    In the event that the entire set or individual parts are grossly damaged or lost, the organiser may impose a penalty of up to EUR 100.00 for the repair or replacement of the set.
  5. The organiser will provide electricity on request via site power distribution cabinets located on the site. Please bring your own extension cables (cable drum). The organiser will also provide drinking water, which can be tapped from a standpipe. Suitable transport containers (e.g. bottles, canisters) must be brought by the organiser.
  6. Each stand is responsible for the disposal of any waste.
  7. The infection protection measures in force at the time of the event must be complied with. If the organiser specifies a hygiene concept, this must also be complied with.
  8. The organiser shall appoint a contact person for queries.

IV. Cancellation

If the street festival is not approved by the assembly authorities or other public authorities or has to be cancelled for other reasons, in particular for pandemic reasons or due to force majeure, the organiser’s liability is excluded.

Status: 19 February 2024