Pride week

09 - 17 August 2024

Demonstration & street festival

17 August 2024 - Augustusplatz


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Our demands

The Pride movement in Leipzig is political!

“Human dignity is inviolable!” (Art. 1 GG)

“All people are equal before the law!” (Art. 3 GG)

“Everyone has the right to the free development of his personality insofar as he does not violate the rights of others. Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity. Personal liberty shall be inviolable.” (Art. 2 GG)

This is written in the Basic Law, but the reality is often still like this: People are still attacked and marginalised for their identity or orientation. In the first half of 2017, there were almost 30% more criminal offences against queer people in Germany than in the same period last year. (Printed matter 18/13255)

Homosexuality and bisexuality are still recognised and sanctioned as a different form of desire and also as a deviation from the norm, as are transgender and intersexuality.

Article 3 paragraph 3 sentence 1 of the Basic Law currently reads: “No one shall be discriminated against or favoured on grounds of sex, descent, race, language, homeland and origin, creed, religious or political opinion.”

The term “sexual orientation” should be added to this list in order to emphasise the state’s special interest in protecting non-heterosexual forms of love. According to our interpretation, the protection of gender identity (both binary and non-binary) is already covered by the characteristic “because of one’s sex”.

With regard to the aforementioned characteristic of “race”, we call for an overall societal discourse on whether this term should be removed entirely from the list in Article 3 of the Basic Law or how Article 3 of the Basic Law could be reformulated in order to preserve the important basic idea of protection against racism in this fundamental right. The perspective of PoC interest groups must be decisive in this debate, as they are particularly affected by racism.

People are still far too often treated differently by the masses on the basis of their gender and pre-judged according to stereotypes. This problem is particularly evident in the professional sports sector. The example of women’s football makes it clear that women’s sporting achievements are of less interest and receive less support. In return, men are assumed to be strong in all areas and their sensitive and emotional side is denied in public or seen as a weakness. The devaluation and prejudiced or sexualised objectification of people is incompatible with an equal and enlightened society. We reject sexism in any form and in any way.

For this reason, we stand against the current shift to the right in society. This shift to the right comes from parties such as the AfD or the III. Weg. It is reflected on the streets in demonstrations such as those organised by PEGIDA and the Identitarian Movement or in protests against refugee accommodation. Magazines such as the conspiracy theory magazine Compact and the Antaios publishing house continue to fuel right-wing ideologies. In doing so, they deliberately spread lies and half-truths that others are happy to pick up on and spread further. But the tone is also becoming harsher in the centre of society and right-wing populists are increasingly being offered a forum. Unfortunately, this also applies to our community. We want to oppose this development everywhere. Leipzig Pride stands for the free and democratic basic order and a free society in which all people can live freely regardless of their skin colour, religion, gender or sexual identity.

Queer people can be both victims and perpetrators of criminal offences, which is why it is important that law enforcement and prison authorities, i.e. the police, public prosecutors’ offices, courts and prisons, are sensitised to queer issues. From the perspective of those affected, hate crimes, for example, must be recognised and punished as such.

In order to reduce prejudice on the part of queer victims towards law enforcement authorities, directly sensitised contact persons for queer issues should be appointed and publicly advertised in the relevant authorities nationwide. Regular training and further education on how to deal with queer people without discrimination should be organised on a regular basis.

Queer offenders should have the right to be housed in the prison designated for this purpose in accordance with their gender identity.

The statistical surveys of the Saxon State Office of Criminal Investigation and their analyses (police situation reports) must include the offence of hate crime.

NOTE: A contact person for LGBTTIQ* has been available at the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office since 1 February 2021.


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