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Questions about participating in Pride

Leipzig Pride 2024 will take place from 9 to 17 August 2024. The demonstration followed by a street party will take place on 17 August 2024 on Augustusplatz.

All information about Pride 2024 can be found summarised in our overview.

Leipzig Pride is a political movement. You can find our political goals in our catalogue of demands.

The demonstration route will be announced at the beginning of the Pride week via social media and on our website.

We will publish the registration deadlines and links to the registration forms for Pride 2024 on our website in due course.

You will find the complete line-up of the stage programme at the street festival in due course in the programme booklet and in the calendar of events.

We are always happy to receive suggestions from the community! We will put out a call on social media and via our website as soon as we start collecting suggestions again.

Due to last-minute changes and postponements, we are unfortunately unable to say exactly when which programme item will take place. All artists performing at the street festival can be found in the programme booklet and in the calendar of events.

We will stream the rally and the stage programme live on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel and activate the notification to make sure you don’t miss the live stream!

The recording of the livestream can be viewed afterwards on our YouTube channel.

(Medical) mouth-nose covers can and should be worn at the demo if required. Masks that are part of costumes, disguises, cosplays or pupplay are not explicitly prohibited and experience has shown that they are not a problem.

Please bring enough non-alcoholic drinks with you. It is likely to be very hot on demo day and we want everyone to have a safe CSD experience. Please leave your pets at home. Feel free to bring demo signs and/or a flag and of course a good, militant mood!

You can find further information and tips on how to take part in the run-up to the demonstration on our website and on social media.

You may wear what you like, what you feel comfortable in and what is not generally forbidden. Please refrain from complete nudity at the Pride.

You can get various flags (rainbow, trans, lesbian, gay, bi, pan etc.) at the CSD Leipzig stand and also at many other stands.

At the CSD Leipzig stand, you can buy the official fabric wristbands with this year’s motif as well as other rainbow wristbands made of fabric and silicone. Some other stands also often have wristbands and other Pride items in their range.

We are actively working to remove more and more barriers at Leipzig Pride. For example, there will be an offer for people with limited mobility and the demo route has been developed together with our accessibility team. You can find more information on inclusion and accessibility at Pride in our overview on this topic.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Questions about joining the organisation

No, participation in the plenum as the central planning and decision-making body and in the individual teams is open to all people who share our goals and values and is not linked to membership of CSD Leipzig e.V.

You can finde more information about CSD Leipzig e.V. on the page about the association.

Anyone who supports our goals and values can take part in the organisation of Leipzig Pride.

There is no minimum age for participation in the plenum. However, certain tasks require this for legal reasons.

The minimum age for membership in CSD Leipzig e.V. is 16 years.

No, you are also very welcome to “just” take part in the plenary session, get an idea of the organisation of Leipzig Pride and contribute your ideas. So far, however, we have found a suitable and fun task for everyone who wants it.

We meet every second Wednesday of the month from September to April at 18:00 for plenum.

From May until the Pride begins, we meet every fortnight on Wednesdays.

There is an evaluation meeting on the second Wednesday after the Pride.

There are usually no meetings in August.

The individual teams may have their own rhythms for team meetings.

If you are attending a plenum for the first time, please come 15 minutes earlier, i.e. at 5:45 p.m., so that we can give you a brief overview of the processes within the organisation and the procedure of a plenum. The meetings start with a short round of introductions, checking open tasks, then the individual teams provide information about new developments and then various agenda items follow, e.g. demonstration route, stage programme, etc.

Normally, a plenary session lasts around two hours.

We try to hold the plenum in hybrid form wherever possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible depending on where we meet. You can find out more details in the announcement of the individual meetings.

If you have already attended a plenary session, you can also participate online in future meetings if this is possible. We recommend that new participants attend in person.

All you need to bring is time and enthusiasm. If you take on tasks, it is only important that you carry them out reliably. Maybe you are particularly good at something, then you are welcome to see how you can put your skills to good use at the Pride. The plenum and your team will be there to support you, so you won’t be left on your own.

Participation in the Pride is very diverse and varied. We have formed teams for the individual areas of responsibility. You can find more information here.

No, but you should regularly check with your team and read the protocols.

The plenary meetings are held in German.

We normally always meet at a central and accessible location. Information on this is always included in the invitation to the next meeting.

We cannot make a generalised statement about this. Some contributors spend 1 hour a week, others 10 hours or more. The workload also varies greatly throughout the year and also depends on the respective area of responsibility. You should first assess for yourself how much time you can and want to devote. After all, with a few exceptions, we all do this on a voluntary basis.

It is important that if you take on a task, you carry it out conscientiously and take the time to do it. However, everyone sometimes has holidays or important things to do, which is why we are organised into teams so that tasks can also be (temporarily) handed over or taken over by others.

All important decisions are made in the plenum, our planning meeting. This is where guidelines for advertising, sponsorship, social media or the website, for example, are determined, who we want to co-operate with, what demands we make or what motto we choose for the current year. In short, this is where we define the framework conditions and the central elements of Leipzig Pride. The detailed work then takes place in the individual teams. Each participant can make suggestions to the plenum, which are then discussed and voted on.

You can find an overview of our teams here.

Depending on your skills and interests, we usually welcome support in all areas. Have a look at our team overview.

Some teams such as booking or street festival are always looking for reinforcements, others may already be adequately staffed. It’s best to ask around at the plenum and ask the respective team leader.

No, anyone who supports our goals and values can take part in  Leipzig Pride organisation. We also extend a warm welcome to all Allies!

Every year, Leipzig Pride is a major project that is constantly growing. That’s why we need volunteers who can reliably fulfil their tasks and constructively contribute their ideas and suggestions.

Every year, we collect suggestions from the community via social media and our website. We then discuss these suggestions in plenary and vote on the motto. A thematic focus is then formulated based on the motto.

Here, too, we collect suggestions from the community. We then discuss these suggestions in plenary and vote on the ambassadors. We always try to choose two ambassadors of different genders.

Since 2022, the CSD Leipzig Award for Queer Commitment has been awarded annually in alternating years to a person or organisation that has rendered outstanding services to the queer community in and around Leipzig. We collect suggestions from the community. These are reviewed and prepared by the award team. We then discuss these proposals in plenary and vote on the award winners.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We will be happy to answer them! Simply send us an e-mail or contact us via social media.