Conditions of participation for events

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in the programme week of Leipzig Pride 2024

I. General

Christopher Street Day (CSD) Leipzig or Leipzig Pride is a series of cultural and political events that is organised, planned and carried out through the voluntary commitment of associations, projects, initiatives, parties, private individuals and artists. Leipzig Pride is organised by CSD Leipzig e.V.

The aim of Leipzig Pride is to reduce prejudice and discrimination against queer people and to promote acceptance of different lifestyles.

As part of Leipzig Pride, a programme week will take place from 9 to 17 August 2024 with a variety of events throughout the city and beyond. An official programme will be published both in the form of a programme booklet, which will be distributed in printed form at numerous locations in Leipzig and the surrounding area and will also be available for download as a PDF, as well as via an online calendar of events.

Inclusion in this programme by CSD Leipzig e.V. is governed by the following conditions of participation.

II. Dates and deadlines

Registration of events for the official programme will be possible from 1 March 2024 via the corresponding form on the Leipzig Pride website.

The registration deadline for inclusion in the programme booklet is 30 April 2024 and the registration deadline for inclusion in the online calendar of events is 31 May 2024.

The programme will be published on 28 June 2024.

III. Events, organisers and venues (admission criteria)

  1. At least one organiser must be specified for each event with the registration. Up to two additional co-organisers may also be specified.
  2. Organisers can be individuals and organisations (e.g. associations, projects, initiatives, groups, parties, trade unions, companies, authorities) that share the goals and values embodied in the demands and the declaration of incompatibility of Leipzig Pride. Organisers must declare their commitment to the goals and values of Leipzig Pride when registering (see IV.). Point V.3 also applies to parties.
  3. Events whose sole organiser is a commercial enterprise will only be included if at least one non-business group or person who has expertise in queer issues or represents the queer community and its concerns participates in or appears at the event. Information on this must be provided in the event description.
  4. An organiser can register several events, even with varying co-organisers, within the programme week.
  5. There is no entitlement to inclusion of the registered event in the official programme of Leipzig Pride.
  6. The content and purpose of the events should be related to Leipzig Pride and in particular support the political demands.

    It is desirable to take up the thematic focus or motto of the respective event year, especially for political and cultural events.

  7. Only events that take place in Leipzig or the surrounding towns and municipalities are included in the official programme.

    Online or hybrid events can also be submitted. Hybrid events are events that take place in person on site and are broadcast online via a live stream, for example.

  8. Leipzig Pride pursues the goal of breaking down barriers and enabling all people, regardless of physical or mental impairments, to participate without barriers.

    Organisers are therefore encouraged to choose or design event venues in such a way that barrier-free participation is possible. Information on any barriers at the event venue must be provided when registering and will be published together with the event details.

IV. Registration and publication

  1. Registration takes place exclusively by electronic means. For this purpose, CSD Leipzig e.V. provides a registration form on its website, which must be used for registration.

    Registrations by other means will not be considered.

  2. Registration is also an application for inclusion in the official Leipzig Pride programme.
  3. By registering, the organisers confirm their support for the demands of CSD Leipzig and accept the declaration of incompatibility.
  4. An event is deemed to have been registered if the registration is submitted via the online form by the registration deadline and receipt is confirmed by automated e-mail.

    Confirmation of receipt of the registration does not constitute inclusion in the official programme. This will be sent separately by e-mail.

  5. The organisers will provide a contact person and corresponding contact details for the transmission of the confirmation and for any queries upon registration.
  6. CSD Leipzig e.V. reserves the right to edit the event data. This includes, for example, corrections of spelling mistakes, genders or the deletion of filler words or duplications. The meaning of the texts will not be changed.

    CSD Leipzig e.V. also reserves the right to remove formulations that indicate that it is an official event of CSD Leipzig e.V. or an event supported by it or organised in cooperation with it, unless this has been agreed in advance.

  7. All events included in the official programme are entered in the online event calendar.

    The space available for events in the programme is limited. The events are entered here in the order in which they are registered, whereby preference may be given to events that explicitly deal with the thematic focus of the event year. Whether images submitted with the registration are integrated into the programme depends on the space available; there is no entitlement to this.

V. Rejection and exclusion

  1. CSD Leipzig e.V. may refuse to include events in the official programme at any time.
  2. CSD Leipzig e.V. may exclude events already included from the official programme for good cause.

    Good cause exists in particular if the organisers do not comply with the present conditions or if reasons arise according to which the planned events contradict the requirements of Leipzig Pride or are not compatible with the declaration of incompatibility of Leipzig Pride or if there is reason to assume that the smooth running of the event or the safety of the participants is endangered.

  3. In order to ensure and protect the Pride as a non-discriminatory space, only events organised by parties whose parliamentary/programmatic work does not run counter to this can be permitted. The participation of right-wing extremist, nationalist and/or anti-democratic parties, as well as parties that tolerate people with right-wing extremist, nationalist and/or anti-democratic views in their leadership levels, is excluded from the programme week.
  4. Events that take place at the same time as CSD Leipzig e.V.’s own events (rally, demonstration and street festival) are excluded from inclusion in the official programme.

    The same applies to events that are scheduled to take place before the official start of the programme week. As a rule, the kick-off event is the raising of the rainbow flag in front of the Neues Rathaus on the first day of the programme week. Further details can be found on the registration form.

  5. Pure sales or product promotion events are excluded from inclusion in the official programme.
  6. Applicants/organisers will be informed immediately of the exclusion. In the event of exclusion, CSD Leipzig e.V. will not reimburse any expenses incurred by the organisers in anticipation of the event.

VI. Fees and financial support of CSD Leipzig e.V.

  1. Registration and entry of events are free of charge.
  2. CSD Leipzig e.V. incurs costs for printing and distributing the programme booklet. Organisers of chargeable events are therefore requested to provide voluntary financial support to CSD Leipzig e.V..

    Chargeable events are those that can only be attended against payment of an entrance fee.

    In the past, both the placement of donation boxes at the entrance and the addition of a “solidarity euro” to the entrance fee, which was then transferred to CSD Leipzig e.V. as a donation by the organisers, have proven to be successful. Organisers who would like to set up a CSD Leipzig e.V. donation box on site are asked to indicate this when registering.

VII. Change of event dates and cancellation of events

  1. Organisers are obliged to inform CSD Leipzig e.V. in good time of any changes to the event dates, in particular regarding the date and location of the event, so that these can be taken into account accordingly in the official programme.

    The same applies to cancellations of events by the organisers.

  2. Depending on the time of the change or cancellation, it may no longer be possible to include it in the printed programme. In this case, a corresponding reference to the change or cancellation will be made in the online events calendar.

VIII. Responsibilities and liability

  1. The organisers are responsible for the planning and implementation of their events. This applies in particular to
    • the choice of venue and all associated costs, such as rent and technical equipment
    • the content and moderation of the event
    • the participation or appearances of artists, politicians and other actors and their support
    • fees, personal protection and assumption of travel and accommodation costs for artists, politicians and other actors
    • the (pre-)sale of tickets or the collection of entrance fees and the organisation of entrance controls
    • if applicable, registration of the event with GEMA or VG Wort and any fees incurred as a result
    • if necessary, obtaining official authorisations required to hold the event and any fees incurred as a result
    • compliance with the requirements of the respective venue, in particular with regard to compliance with legal regulations (laws, ordinances, hygiene measures, fire protection, etc.)
    • compliance with legal provisions for the protection of minors
  2. Unless expressly agreed, CSD Leipzig e.V. is neither co-organiser nor co-responsible in any other way.
  3. The respective organisers are solely liable for any damage caused during events.
  4. The organisers undertake to indemnify CSD Leipzig e.V. and its vicarious agents against any claims for damages or other claims by third parties. This includes, in particular, claims due to the violation of image rights, rights of use or copyrights.
  5. The liability of CSD Leipzig e.V. towards the organisers is limited to intent and gross negligence. The same applies to the liability of vicarious agents of Leipzig Pride towards the organisers. For both CSD Leipzig e.V. and its vicarious agents, liability is limited to the amount of foreseeable damage typical for the contract. The aforementioned limitations do not apply to the breach of essential contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations), to claims under the Product Liability Act and to damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health.
  6. The organisers must ensure that texts and images provided to CSD Leipzig e.V. for publication are free of third-party rights and, in particular, do not infringe any personal rights or industrial property rights.

IX. Advertising

  1. If organisers or venues also publish or advertise events included in the official programme by other means, they are obliged to indicate that they are taking place as part of CSD Leipzig.

    Organisers whose events are included in the official programme are free to use the CSD Leipzig logo. This is available for download on the CSD Leipzig e.V. website. The terms of use apply, which can be viewed there.

  2. Advertising, especially for third parties, during the event should be organised in such a way that it is in line with the aims and values of Leipzig Pride.

  3. In particular, advertising before and during the event may not contain any racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, homophobia, trans- and inter-hostility, nationalistic, anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, anti-emancipatory ideologies, hostility towards people with disabilities and/or other forms of group-related misanthropy. The Leipzig Pride advertising guideline applies.

    This also applies to the clothing of the persons responsible on site during the event.

Status: 01. February 2024