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From the community, for the community

Leipzig Pride  is a democratic action alliance. We meet every second Wednesday of the month for a plenary session. During these meetings, we discuss positions on content, jointly select an annual thematic focus, elect Pride ambassadors and plan the week of events, the demonstration and the street festival. The plenum makes all fundamental decisions democratically. The individual tasks are then implemented by several teams. The plenum and active participation in the Pride organisation is open to all people who share our demands and values.

We look forward to seeing you!

You can also volunteer at Leipzig Pride and help us to organise it.

Whether it’s organising the demonstration, preparing for the event week, planning the stage programme for our street festival, decorating or looking for sponsors, we always need committed volunteers. There is plenty to do.

As Leipzig Pride , it is our goal to stand up for all facets of the queer spectrum. In order to reflect the ideas and positions of the entire community, it is of course essential that the most diverse queer people find their way into our organisation team. We would therefore like to call on and encourage women, young and older people, BIPoC, inter, non-binary and trans people as well as people with disabilities in particular to take part in the plenum, enrich us with your ideas, opinions and demands and actively contribute to the organisation of Leipzig Pride.

Our structure

All important decisions are made in the plenum, our planning meeting. This is where guidelines for advertising, sponsorship, social media or the website, for example, are determined, who we want to co-operate with, what demands we make or what motto we choose for the current year. In short, this is where we define the framework conditions and the central elements of Leipzig Pride. The detailed work then takes place in the individual teams. Each participant can make suggestions to the plenum, which are then discussed and voted on.

As a Pride cannot be organised with just one monthly meeting and in order to be able to divide the numerous tasks according to strengths, skills and interests, we have formed various teams. Each team deals with a specific area of responsibility, such as organising the street festival or planning the stage programme.
The team leaders, who are elected annually, are in close and regular contact with each other in order to coordinate their work as well as possible between the plenary sessions.

The logistical backbone of our work is CSD Leipzig e.V. This association accepts donations and takes care of legal matters, for example. Participation in the Pride, in the plenum or in the teams, is possible regardless of membership in the association.

Involvement in Leipzig Pride is very diverse and varied. From participating in the plenum and contributing your own ideas and demands to active involvement in one or more teams, there is something for everyone and their individual abilities!

Our teams

We have formed the following teams to structure our work and focus on specific topics.

So that you know who to contact if you are interested in working in one of the teams, you will also find the names of the respective team leaders for each team.

We are always looking for helping hands and creative enrichment in all areas. Below you will find the teams that are currently most in need of support.

Our accessibility team consists of experts in their own right and, as part of the organisation team, provides advice on accessibility and inclusion. For example, the team checks the route developed by the demo team for possible barriers and also advises the street festival team, among others.

It is our declared aim to make Leipzig Pride more accessible in all areas.

Accessibility and inclusion at Leipzig Pride

Team leader: Martina and Salo


The booking team plans and organises the entire stage programme at Leipzig Pride, from the selection and compilation of the artists at the street festival and the speakers at the rally, to the supervision of all performers appearing on stage at Pride.

The team is also mainly responsible for organising the Icon of CSD Leipzig Drag Contest.

Team leader: vacant


The booking team is currently looking for further members who would like to contribute creatively to the planning of the stage programme and the drag contest! There is also an urgent need to fill the position of the team leader.

The team for particularly creative minds! The members of the decoration team are responsible for the design of our Pride stand t the street festival and our truck, which traditionally leads the Pride demonstration.

Team leader: Konstantin

The demonstration team is responsible for organising everything to do with the Pride demonstration. For example, it plans the annual route and coordinates the vehicles and all participants in the demonstration and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Team leader: Sebastian


This is all about the figures. The finance team keeps track of the budget and the available funds, which are obtained through grants, donations and sponsorship.

Team leader: Sebastian


No, this is not about presenting on stage at the Pride. The booking team takes care of that.

The moderation team is our newest team and is responsible for the management, preparation and follow-up of the planning meetings.

Team leader: Christian (interim)


Our podcast “Inside CSD Leipzig” has become an integral part of our public relations work with four seasons now. The team takes care of the preparation and recording of new episodes and is always grateful for suggestions for further dialogue partners!

Team leader: Jasmin


Since 2022, the CSD Leipzig Award for Queer Commitment has been awarded annually in alternating years to a person or organisation that has rendered outstanding services to the queer community in and around Leipzig. We collect suggestions from the community. These are reviewed and prepared by the award team.

We then discuss the proposals in plenary and vote on the award winners.

The award team then creates the certificate and prepares the award ceremony, which takes place as part of the City of Leipzig’s Pride reception.

Team leader: vacant

The team currently has no leader. If you feel called upon to play a leading role in honouring queer commitment in and around Leipzig, then get in touch with us!

Unsurprisingly, the press team is responsible for writing press releases and answering press enquiries.

Together with the Podcast and Social Media & Website teams, it forms the public relations work of Leipzig Pride.

Team leader: Jasmin


This team has been newly set up for 2024 Pride and will be responsible for planning and coordinating the programme week, which traditionally takes place in the run-up to Pride, from 2024.

This primarily includes putting together the official programme, from reviewing the registered events to supporting the numerous participants who put on events during Pride week.

Another important pillar of our public relations work are our various social media channels and our website.

These are managed and developed by the Social Media & Website team. This primarily involves planning and writing posts as well as processing enquiries from the community.

The team works closely with the Press, Podcast as well as Sponsoring & Cooperation teams.

Team leader: Nico

Contact: /

The bigger a Pride gets, the more you have to think about its financing. The Sponsoring & cooperation team takes care of this. It acquires and supports cooperation partners who share our values and would like to support Leipzig Pride both financially and materially.

The basis for this is a sponsorship and advertising guideline agreed with the plenum, which strictly specifies which partners we work with and which we do not.

Team leader: Ari and Marco


The team is urgently looking for reinforcement in order to acquire further partners for the Pride and to be able to approach new cooperations!

This team takes care of the organisation and supervision of our Pride stand at the street festival and is responsible for the planning and procurement of the merchandise that you can buy there. During the course of the year, the team also represents us at other events and presents Leipzig Pride, for example, at the presentation streets of Leipzig’s universities or at queer events in the city.

Team leader: Eike and Konstantin


The street festival team is responsible for organising the street festival. It plans the arrangement of the stands and other participants on the square and coordinates the necessary facilities and service providers.

Team leader: Max and Nico


Here, too, we are currently and actually always looking for active support and creative minds who would like to strengthen the team and help organise the street festival!

The advertising team deals with our self-promotion and ensures that Leipzig Pride is visible through adverts, posters, flyers etc.

Not to be confused with the sponsoring team which takes care of partners who would like to advertise at the Pride.

Team leader: Diana


Reinforcement wanted!

The following teams are currently looking for additional members:

  • Award
  • Booking
  • Sponsoring & Cooperation
  • Street festival

Further information can be found above under the respective teams.

A new team leader is also needed in the Award team!

Still unsure?

You don’t quite know yet which team would be the right one for you or maybe you just want to get a taste of the organisation of CSD Leipzig without any obligation?

That’s no problem at all! Come along to the plenum, take a look at everything in peace and get talking to us. So far, everyone has found a job with us that is fun and in which their individual skills and strengths are expressed!