Awareness days

Bisexual Pride Day

23. September 2023

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Teilnehmer:innen der CSD Demo 2023 auf dem Innenstadtring

23 September is Bisexual Pride Day. It is celebrated annually to recognise and celebrate bisexual people, the bisexual community and the history of bisexuality. Bisexual people are romantically and/or sexually attracted to two (or more) genders. Nowadays we also speak of bi+sexual, as the definition of bisexuality is very controversial. The + is intended to emphasise that bi+sexual people can be attracted to people of several, many or all genders. The difference to pansexuality is that pansexuals do not differentiate between genders or gender identities in their sexual and romantic relationships. Unfortunately, many bisexual people still experience discrimination today. This is also known as biophobia. This includes the claim that bisexuals are confused about their sexuality, do not want to live monogamously and thus use their sexuality as an excuse. Bisexual women in particular have to deal with a lot of stigma and experience sexualised violence more often than average.


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