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International Asexuality Day

6. April 2023

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Eine Person hält eine winzige Asexuellen-Flaggen in ihren Händen.

Today is International Asexuality Day. Asexuality is a sexual orientation in which a person feels little or no sexual attraction to other people. Asexuality is natural and, unlike voluntarily abstaining from sexual activity, such as for religious or social reasons, is not a conscious decision. Some asexual people sometimes have sex for various reasons and some are also in romantic relationships.

If a person is asexual, it does not mean that they do not desire a romantic relationship. People who feel little to no romantic attraction and/or have little to no interest in a romantic relationship are called aromantic. Some people are both asexual and aromantic. Others are either asexual or aromantic. Asexual people do not lack this physical closeness, nor do they miss it.

It is estimated that around one per cent of all people worldwide are asexual. As this sexual orientation is so rare, many people do not even realise that asexuality exists. As a result, they are often denied their sexuality or labelled as “abnormal”. This discrimination by society means that many people don’t dare to come out as asexual and/or still live in sexual relationships even though they don’t want to.

Asexuality is as normal as any other sexuality. No one has the right to deny anyone their sexuality.

If you would like to find out more about asexuality & flavour, please take a look at the following links:


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