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International Pronoun Day

18. October 2023

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Namensschild mit der Aufschrift: HELLO, My pronouns are ASK ME"

International Pronoun Day is celebrated every year on the third Wednesday in October. It was created to draw attention to the fact that you should ask for the pronouns of another person and not assume them.

Trans and non-binary people in particular are often addressed with the wrong pronoun. This is very hurtful because these people then feel that their gender identity is not recognised and taken seriously. Using the correct pronouns shows recognition, respect and appreciation for the other person.

A glance alone is not enough to determine gender. Therefore, either use the person’s name when addressing him/her or politely ask which pronouns he/she uses. In addition to “she” and “he”, there are also people who feel comfortable using gender-neutral pronouns such as “they” or who do not use a pronoun at all.


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