Queer politics

Self-determination law passed

12. April 2024

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Eine große Transflagge wird bei der CSD Demo 2019 geschwenkt

Self-determined at last! But there is still a lot to do.

We welcome the passing of the Self-Determination Act in the Bundestag today and are pleased that the unworthy TSG is finally being replaced by a self-determination solution after more than 40 years.

This is an important step and a great relief for TIN*1 people in Germany. However, the version that has now been passed still falls short of the demands and expectations of the community. We very much hope that these will be heard in a later amendment and that existing discrimination will be further reduced.

Until then, we celebrate what has been achieved and are delighted with this milestone!

You can find out more about the topic at @bv_trans, @lsvdbundesverband and @tiam_ev on Instagram or in our blog post on Trans Visibility Day.

1TIN* stands for trans*, inter* and nonbinary.