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Icon of CSD Leipzig 2024 – Drag Contest

5. June 2024

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Finalist:in Athena Owls beim Drag Contest 2023

Apply now and become "Icon of CSD Leipzig"!

Fame, honour and reach are just some of the achievements of a true icon. In 2024, the best local drag artists will once again compete against each other in the annual “Icon of CSD Leipzig” drag contest. In two rounds, a new Icon of Leipzig Pride will be crowned by jury and public voting. All variations and varieties of drag will be given visibility and a stage.

Whether King, Queen, Quing, Thing, Creature, Monster or Alien. Whether music, dance, comedy, pantomime or general mindf&ck. Whether newbie or veteran. We want to see YOUR art! There are prizes, photo galleries and opportunities to network with other artists and present your art to a wide audience.

The preliminary round will take place on 9 August and the final on 17 August, traditionally at the stage show at the Pride street festival. Our new icon can then perform again and be celebrated at the Pride Ball in the Täubchenthal, the official Pride closing party. We look forward to seeing you and your applications!

Simply apply by 02 July 2024 via our online form, by email to or via Instagram message.

Please send us some information about you and your drag personality as well as photos and/or videos with your application so that we can get an idea of you and your art and tell us why you of all people should be the Icon of CSD Leipzig 2024!


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