Pride 2023

Layout wanted for 2023!

4. January 2023

Reading time: approx. 2 minutes

Collage früherer Programmheft-Cover

We are looking for a standardised layout for the publicity of Leipzig Pride 2023.

We need:

1x Layout for the advertising poster DIN A1 (59,4 x 84 cm)

  • This must contain the logo of Leipzig Pride. (The required size will be provided or can be downloaded in the download area).
  • The poster serves to draw attention to the CSD and the programme week and will be displayed in Leipzig and the surrounding area.
  • The date of the CSD week (07 – 15 July 2023) is part of the logo.
  • The layout must include pictograms for sign language, accessibility and animal welfare.

1x Layout for the cover of the programme booklet

  • Magazine with saddle stitching
  • Format: DIN lang hoch (210 mm x 105 mm)
  • The interior design is done by the CSD team!

1x Layout for the cover of the info flyer

  • Format: DIN lang hoch (210 mm x 105 mm)
  • The interior design is done by the CSD team!

Adaptions for social media postings

  • et al. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

Adaptions for merchandise products (Textile design and poster)

Adaptions for up to 10 media advertising (digital and/or print)

The designer is completely free in its design. The thematic focus of this year’s design should be on the innovative character of a queer* future. For the concrete motto of 2023 Pride, placeholders would have to be used in the submitted designs for the time being.

Copyright-protected third-party content as part of the layout should be kept to a minimum, as we want to avoid additional costs for usage rights wherever possible or, if not otherwise possible, at least keep them to a minimum. Reference must be made to such copyrighted third-party content when submitting the proposal.

Proposals can be submitted up to and including 26 February 2023 to the email address below. Submissions can only be made digitally.

The CSD team then selects a proposal from all the entries, taking into account the criteria of design, innovation and political message. It may be necessary to make adjustments to the layout after the selection.

The selected designer shall receive a fee of €500.00 upon completion of the order.
In addition to the selection, the prerequisite for receiving the order is that the designer is available for the
period in question (April to June 2023), is prepared to make changes to the submitted layout on request
to make changes to the submitted layout and can realise the order on time. Due to our cooperation with the City of Leipzig, the Department for Gender Equality is the contractual partner.

Legal recourse is excluded.

The designer may be present at the election and present the proposal themselves. If this is not possible, short explanations can be sent along if deemed necessary, which will then be read out. All participants (with a complete submission) will receive a place on the guest list for the Pride Ball, the official CSD closing party, as a thank you for their participation.

You can find examples of previous layouts in the download area.

Contact for questions and submission:


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